Hi- I'm
Amanda Spann

and I'm a Marketing Consultant & App Entrepreneur

....who also happens to be a black woman.

Every day it seems another company fumbles an opportunity to connect with minority consumers. From Coachella-style protests to "white purity" body soap, brands are repeatedly missing the mark when it comes to thoughtful multicultural marketing. 
So I've decided to pool my 10 years of marketing experience, the 262,800+ hours I’ve spent being black and my Corporate Communications Masters from Georgetown towards actually being the black friend that so many advertisers claim to have, but no one has ever seen.
Have questions about your upcoming campaign? Call me. Unsure of how your messaging will translate to African Americans? Let’s schedule some time. Want to see your product through fresh eyes? I’m your girl.

Remember - It takes years to build your brand reputation and only seconds to destroy it. Avoid being the next Shea Moisture or bearing the brunt of #BlackTwitter by simply consulting me, a black woman. 

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